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Cut Of Wheel (1 net & 2 Net) Size:180 MM, 300 MM & 355MM
Depressed Center Disc Size:100MM, 125MM, 150MM, 180MM
Metal Cutting Wheels(2 Wet) Size:100MM ,125MM, Double Net
Flexible Grinding Disc Size:100 MM
Flash Disc Size:100MM
Green GC Wheel For SS
Diamoind Blade(110 MM ) (16 segments)
Diamoind Blade(110 MM ) (10 segments)
Diamoind Blade(110 MM ) Moulding
Diamoind Blade(110 MM ) Turbo
Diamoind Blade(110 MM ) 10 Segments
Glass Cutting Blade (100 MM)
Diamond Cup Wheels (75MM, 100MM)
Velco Pads Size 100 MM ,125 MM & 180 MM
Filere Disc Size 102MM 125MM
Crimp were Brush Size 75MM & 100MM
Planner Blade
Wood Cutting T.C.T Blades
Diameter-100 MM to 350 MM
No Of Teeth - 30/40 to 100/120
Alluminum Cutting TCT Blades Diameter-250MM to 350MM No.Of teeth - 100/120